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Mon Plaisir Calendar for 2015 year. Mon Plaisir is the collection of photos in a genre nu-fashion in Vogue style has been conceived as a certain paradoxical history, where the spectator gets in a fantastic palace and it is met by mistresses - the finest girls similar to best to creations of the human genius. Name Mon Plaisir on the one hand is borrowed a real palace near Petersburg, with other - transfers true sense of word-combinations - in translation from French it means " My pleasure ". Therefore the general style of this erotic collection of photos carries features of elevated style the Saint-Petersburg palaces, their classical verified, elegance, splendour, a glamour. Aleksey Kozlov and Marina Khlebnikova, authors of this idea, could realize masterly it in this outstanding series of photos. Naked models have turned out so spiritualized in the perfect beauty, is so thin the hint is submitted on magnificence surrounding them, that all series of photos "Mon Plaisir" is perceived not as a sensuality appealing to low instincts, and as a work of art extolling human, female nakedness. Each work masters of erotic Alexey and Marina's genre always shakes by a combination of skill and artistry of the highest level, but in photos from a collection "Mon Plaisir" they, apparently, have surpassed themselves. The first photo from "Mon Plaisir" became the first in a rating on the Photosite, that once again proves powerful creative potential unique Russian creative duet - photographer Aleksey Kozlov and designer Marina Khlebnikova.
"Mon Plaisir" a collection, is a series of photos in style "Vogue" .This is black-and-white photos where the naked beauties - models in the refined and stylish orders conditionally represent one of halls of an imagined palace. All photos have the highest art and a technological level of execution. The collection is offered for sale to firms, corporations, advertising and image agencies, polygraphic firms and publishing houses. Mon Plaisir, nu photos in Vogue style, a sensuality of the highest class from Aleksey(Alexey) Kozlov and Marina Khlebnikova - a duet " Aleksey and Marina ", the naked top-models in unique calendar collections, the S-Petersburg modern erotic photo, style, creativity, eccentricity, faultless quality, strict casting models for each project a series of black-and-white photos for calendars "Mon Plaisir" for representation calendars, an elite erotic photo in Vogue style, calendars on 2015 year with the most beautiful girls, new photos from Aleksey and Marina causes extra a high class of photos for Aleksey and Marina calendars.

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